Deciding to Use a Storage Unit for Bozeman & Belgrade College Students

Published on 4/14/2021
Are you attending Montana State University?

Students attending college around Bozeman and Belgrade often need to move in and out of their dorm rooms. Being in a different city can make this a difficult decision on what to do with all your belongings. This is why many students utilize self storage for a few months while they return home.

Self storage or move back and forth? 

Most students are not allowed to keep their belongings on campus and need to decide if they should bring everything home or use a storage facility in Belgrade or Bozeman. This decision comes down to convenience and cost. 

Convenience- Your first decision is whether you want to pack up all your stuff and take it home, only to turn around and move it all back after a few months. Renting a storage unit locally can make this much easier. 
Cost- The second decision is the cost of the unit. If you need to store a couch, a car, or anything that will require renting a moving truck, this is an easy decision. 
However, if you have smaller items, this decision could come down to the cost of convenience.